Runners / Failed Payments

This page will explain the procedures on what top do if you find yourself in a situation of a Runner or a Failed Payment.


If you are dropping a customer off and they ‘Make off without payment’ relax! Just let the office know and we will contact the customer to see why they have not paid. If we get no result we will BLOCK THEM and credit your sheet with the amount on your meter.

Please note: We do not accept or cover for any runners from supermarkets as we do not hold any information on these people and it is the drivers responsibility to profile each customer and ask for payment in advance if travelling out of area. A little tip is if your customer has no shopping in the boot, you have never seen them and they are going to Bramley… then you would charge first.

If you have a failed payment, Kindly explain to the customer the fare has been declined by the bank. Take them to a cash machine and charge them cash. If in the event they say they dont have their card or are late for work Central Cars have a recovery program set in place to re try all failed payments for up to 30 days so we will recover the amount either way. (Make sure you send a picture like displayed below to Craig) 07739177157.