As from Monday 13th March we will be sending anyone home immediately for not wearing their uniform. Day and Night. So think before you upset the company and yourself.


We do not want to play a game of cat and mouse. Our uniform policy is in place to bring a clean and professional image to the company in the eyes of the public.

We will say in advance there is not need to call and tell us you have no uniform available. Its not only dis-respective to the company whom is trying everything to make this company better but also to your self. Plan ahead and make sure you always look good.


Anyone who is caught not paying any attention to the dress code will be logged off until they have changed and no excuse such as, ” Its in the Wash” will be accepted.

We have put this on here to let you all know in advance, we expect the same amount or respect shown to the company as the company shows to you. Therefore before you get upset that you have been logged off just think… Was it worth losing out on 1 days takings.


The uniform consists of:

  • White Shirt / Old Blue Central Shirts
  • Dark Trousers / Black Jeans ( Not Stone wash Blue or Tracksuit bottoms)
  • Central Coat
  • Central Jumper (V neck Black)


We are aware that we have not provided all new drivers with coats however this weekend all drivers will be asked for their coat size and coats will be provided free of charge to all drivers.


We do recognize that this page only applies to a small number who do not follow the rules. We would like to thank all drivers who continue to look amazing every day and make that little extra effort with their own appearance & your continued cooperation in upholding good standards for our company and our industry.