Using a Mobile Device While Driving

Just to let you know this is not a new law… Its a second step in enforcing the original Law. So as from 1st of March 2017 it is now being enforced over the use of mobile phones, Pda’s and other devices. This actually has been against the law since back in 2003 however now is the time they are hell bent on enforcing it.


A few concerns has come up about will this effect the Private Hire Industry and the answer is YES.

It is still early days and us and a numerous amount of company’s are working closely with Icabbi to try and find a solution that will safeguard the private hire industry. So in the meantime we advise you to be very vigilant when touching your PDA.

Some ideas we are working on implementing are;

  • Voice Bidding
  • Automatic Arrival / POB

We will keep all drivers posted on what we can do to ensure this does not effect our industry but you as the driver are the one solely responsible for ensuring you are upholding the law.


Here is the official Goverment web link if anyone wishes to see the law.