Paying Rent / Rent Amounts/ Late Payments

Central Cars have 2 rent amounts.

  1. Full Time
  2. Part Time ( Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday only)

There is no other structures available. Drivers who work Monday’s will be classed as full time as the part time rent only applies to


If you have worked any days out of this structure you will be charged. So think in advance before you log on that you will have to pay extra.


All driver invoices are sent out to you on Friday mornings and the payment window is open from the time of receiving the invoice to no later than 2pm on Saturday afternoon. Failure to pay rent before this time will result in your driver platform being disabled until you have paid in the office or over the phone.

When you enter the office payments are taken through the counter. It does not have to be paid to any particular individual just who ever is processing payments will ask you for your driver number & tell you your outstanding balance. Once marked off you account will be reset back to £0.00 and your data will work as normal after 2 pm.

If you are not in work on Saturdays you may have to call the office to make a payment over the phone as our offices in Morley do close at 8 am Sunday mornings until 10 pm Sunday night.

Many drivers who are not that good at time keeping have started adding extra money into their account so they are always in credit. So for example Driver 99 Pays £80.00 into his account. So every week he is in Credit. If he does £100.00 of credit work the £8.00 remainder is taken out of his £80.00 taking his new balance to £72.00 Credit. (This is just a idea and not  mandatory)